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Data Recovery Process Description

Step 1: Fill in the form

  • Please fill in our form “medium analysis" as completely as possible.
  • The by us automatically generated e-mail will be send to us by clicking on the button “sent”. This ensures that your case can go immediately into processing.
  • You receive the same e-mail. Please print out this form, sign it and submit it with the disk.

Step 2: Media packaging

  • Remove the storage device from the computer.
  • Pack the disk, for example, well-cushioned in bubble wrap and a stable cardboard box. Make sure that the storage in the package is not moving around within the package, use shock absorbing material to avoid further damage in transit.
  • Even smaller storage media should be packed well as a parcel or in a padded envelope filled with a piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Shipping of your disk

  • The free express pickup of the disk (HDD, RAID and storage systems) up to 5 kg is included. We will contact you to arrange the pickup.
  • Other media need to be sent to us please.
  • Immediately after receipt of the disk you will receive a confirmation and the analysis invoice.

Step 4: Analysis

  • Our data recovery technicians are processing an extensive analysis of the disk.
  • After finishing the analysis you receive a qualified result of the analysis, a file list and the fix offer.
  • Details of analysis are shown below.

Step 5: Order acceptance or declination

  • You can still decide whether you want to let the data recovery be performed to the offered terms.
  • In case of declination, we will send back your original medium at your expenses, or we can dispose of the disk free of charge. There are no additional costs for you.
  • In case of acceptance step 6 is following.

Step 6: The data recovery

  • If you accept our offer, you will receive the invoice for the data recovery as indicated and your data will be recovered.

Step 7: Returning your data

  • After the successful data recovery you will receive the recovered data on a new disk, usually an external hard drive. This can be held as a pledge drive or for purchase.
  • The recovered data is being sent to you after prepayment.

Step 8: Deletion of your data

  • For your security, a copy of your data is being saved for 10 days. Thereafter, the data will be deleted irretrievably.

What is included in the analysis:

Expert advice and service
We are happy to advise you, our free hotline can be reached at 0800 069000.

Pick up service
We pick up your hard drive, RAID system or storage system free of charge at the desired address.
Other media should be sent to us.

Exchange of spare parts during the analysis
If the spare parts need to be replaced to verify the problem and to read out the data, then the defective components will be replaced.

Extensive analysis
Verification of the damage, our technicians open the hard drive in our clean room, if necessary.

Detailed analysis report
The analysis report gives you answer to the following questions:

  1. Which damages are existing?
  2. Is a data recovery possible, basically?
  3. If yes, how high is the chance that the data recovery will be successfully?
  4. What are the costs for this data recovery?

A file list or a screenshot
If the defect allows it, we will send you a list of recoverable files or create a screenshot with image files.

Data recovery offer
The analysis report will include a fix price for the data recovery.