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Can you repair a Hard disk yourself?

We are often asked the question of repairing the harddisk, this cannot be returned with a simple answer. Modern hard disks differ in their architecture only marginally from the early models. This remained the same in the repair process. Up till now, the data is being stored in magnetic form on the discs in the module inside of the hard drive. To write the data still the so-called read-write unit is responsible and the processing of these signals is done by internal and external electronics.

In order to return to the initial question we would like to use a sample to explain more detailed what is possible and what is not.

Electronic damage on the hard disk:

In previous models, it was quite possible to replace the external electronics in case of a defect by the same model. Today hard drives are even further optimized on the external electronics through the so-called firmware to achieve maximum performance. The disadvantage is that this firmware is always getting more individual. That means, in the firmware adaptives are stored, which include calibration data, which are absolutely necessary for the proper operation of the hard drive. A simple change of electronics is no longer possible without the essential information of the manufacturer.

Mechanical damage:

One of the most frequently phenomena occurring in the physical damage is the so-called "Head Crash. Here are the highly sensitive hard disk surfaces of discs and the read-write unit itself affected. In normal operational the read-write heads surface are flying on an air cushion over the disks, and they do not touch directly. If there is still a direct contact of the two components, one speaks of a "Head Crash". This manifests itself through increased noise of the disk, usually is a loud clack to hear.

Because of the rapidly rotating discs, which are on average move with more than 5400 RPM. The effect of such a direct contact is extremely damage on the participating components. A defective read / write unit still is the least of the problems. These can be replaced. This should be done by a mandatory opening the disk in a suitable environment. Due to its sensitivity the module inside the disk is so sensitive that even the smallest dust particles penetration can cause a total data loss. A repairing of the hard drive is no longer possible.

As a rule, you should remember that a recovery and repair of the hard disk only should be carried out by experts with appropriate equipment, because once the Hard disk surface is too massively damaged, a reparation and a successful recovery, even for experts, is no longer possible.

A prerequisite for saving data to Hard disk repair or Harddisk repair:

Probably the most important thing for a repair Hard disk is the exact localization of the damage. Only someone who is in a position to interpret the characteristics of a defective hard disk can take measures to the hard disk repair and data recovery proceedings. This requires extensive knowledge about the architecture and functions of a hard disk. In addition, you need the proper equipment, which is not only necessary for the physical repairing, but also for the processing of the manufacturer's information (firmware).

Conclusion (Hard disk repair):

We strongly advise no self attempts. As explained above is a hard disk a highly complex device, which is responding highly sensitive to interference. In our experience, all semi-professional rescue attempts are destructive to the stored data.