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Hard disk Data Recovery or Harddisk recovery

By data recovery of a hard disk one does not only understand a restoring of deleted files. Usually, an overrun can have most different causes with a non removable disk. Essentially three different components of a HDD can be the cause for an overrun.

The logical part of a Harddisk

With each hard disk is the smallest unit a sector which can be administered. In these sectors by the operating system a file system is then produced. In this file system, according to appropriate rules, the data is stored. Now if an error in this file system arises, the rules of the file system are totally or partly abrogated. If these rules were switched off, it becomes impossible for the operating system to allocate the data blocks. The data is lost for you as a user.

The electronic part of a Harddisk

Harddisk are equipped with an external electronic. This external electronic is very complex developed and has apart from the voltage supply of the hard drive still another multiplicity from other tasks to fulfill. Among other things becomes by the so-called firmware, which positions read/write unit on a certain position on the data medium surface, so that from there further essential information can be loaded into the main memory of the non removable disk. If external electronics are defective, there doesn´t exist the smallest chance to retrieve the data of the non removable disks.

The mechanical part of a Hard disk (Hard disk recovery)

Fast rotating storage media, like hard disks are called by the experts, are subject to a mechanical wear. The spindle engine of a hard disk rotates with a frequency of more than 7400 rpm. Over the disks, in the module inside of a hard disk, an air cushion is produced by this rotation. On this air cushion the read-write heads float over the medium surface to write or read data. If this air cushion is abrogated, it comes to a direct contact of the read/write unit to the data medium surface. This direct contact leads usually to substantial physical damage and thus to an overrun. The Insider speaks of a „Head Crash“ then.

In the worst case, it is likely that by a nuclear chain reaction all possible damages can be found on one storage medium.

If your medium should be affected by one or several of these defects, a hard disk recovery will be inevitable.