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Data Recovery from RAID 5, 1, 10, 0, 0 +1, JBOD, 51 and RAID 50

From today's IT landscape are RAID systems in its many varieties cannot be imagined. Particularly professional users with special requirements placed on the supposed advantages of such a network hard drive.

The most widespread misconception is that a redundant RAID system is offering protection against data loss. But here are the most users wrong. Of course, depending on the circumstances defective hard drives re-calculate if everything works smoothly. And here lies the problem. The trouble-free operation of a RAID system is due to its complexity depends on many factors. Is the interplay of these dependencies is not guaranteed, it comes to data loss faster than you think. Even a well-trained administrator can only be the level of a RAID system serve him what the manufacturer offers. In plain English, this means that even the most experienced administrator can only act as far as the system permits. If the child disks a RAID controller is no longer as part of a network hard drive recognized that all other measures in regulation as a disaster.

Who can use data from broken RAID save or restore?

The rescuers have professional data recovery to crucial advantages. First, the data rescuers can fix in his work environment even physically damaged disks regardless of the RAID controller to handle. When editing a faulty RAID system, it plays no role in our specialists from which manufacturer the RAID controller comes or which software was used to create.

Regardless of these factors, our experts in the case of a data recovery raid are able to identify the used data structures of the controller or software and log disks to make it available again.

Profit in the case of our years of experience in RAID data recovery, repair RAID and RAID data recovery "and leave you with no data loss to the" coincidence ", our experts advise you of course by phone as well.

by which defective RAID data, we can recover or restore?

  • Recover RAID 0
  • Restore data from RAID 1
  • RAID Data Recovery 10
  • RAID 5 Recovery
  • Recover data from RAID 6
  • Data JBOD.
  • Data Recovery RAID 50, RAID 0 1, RAID 51, RAID 15, RAID 05, and other variants.

Raid controllers and servers, which are often processed in our laboratories

3com, Adaptec, Adic, Allnet, Asus, Axis, Buffalo, Compaq, Conceptronic, D-Link, DELL, DTK, EMC, Fantec, Freecom, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM, Inostor, Intel, Intransa, Iomega, Lacie, Levelone, Linksys, Longshine, Mapower, Maxtor, Microtest, Multicase, Netapp, Netgear, Network Appliance, O'Dixion, Overland, Pioneer, Plasmon, Plextor, Promise, Quantum, Raidsonic, Sitecom, SMC, Sonicwall, Sony, Sun, Synology, Tanberg, Teac, Techsolo, Thecus, Trekstor, Western Digital, Zyxel,

These different file formats and operating systems are supported by our company:

  • DOS/Windows - W311, W95, W98, ME, NT4, W2K, XP, Vista (formats: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS5)
  • Apple / Macintosh / Mac OS X and OS / 2 (formats: HFS, HFS and HPFS)
  • Linux and Unix derivatives (formats: FS Raiser, ext2, ext3 & HTFS, EAFS, VxFS, UFS, UFS1, UFS2 and FFS)
  • SUN Solaris Intel and Spark (formats: UFS)
  • Novell (formats: NWFS and NSS) more on request.

In the following problems regarding data recovery, our friendly service team of experts are happy to advise and issue clarification of the following:

  • Is your Raid demoted?
  • Do you find your Critical Raid?
  • Raid container: Critical status? Critical status raid?
  • Device I / O errors or I / O error?
  • Data from broken RAID restore?
  • The RAID is due to a disk failure degraded?
  • Their raid is broken and needs to be repaired?
  • Data from a defective rescue raid - here is our expert help.